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Databases and Indexes: Foreign Law Databases


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Actualidad jurídica Aranzadi
Pliego semanal de actualidad jurídica. Suplemento del Repertorio de jurisprudencia Aranzadi, suplemento del Repertorio cronológico de legislación Aranzadi. (Spain) 
Librarian assistance required. 

Canadian Human Rights Reporter
The Canadian Human Rights Reporter has ceased publication effective December 31, 2020. The CHRR Online database closed on December 31, 2020. 

China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database (CLKD) -- Chinese Simplified interface
PDFs temporarily unavailable from Chinese interface. Please use English interface. 

China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database (CLKD) -- English language interface
Chinese-language legal database (with English translations) integrating content officially sanctioned by the People's Republic of China. Offers the following legal information: Chinese laws regulations (1949-) (including laws, administrative rules/regulations, local rules/orders, court rules and selected judicial interpretations); judicial decisions (1970-) in selected civil, criminal and administrative, and arbitral cases; and secondary sources (1994-), including law reviews and journals and huge selection of dissertations, theses, newspapers, and conference proceedings.
Database of Japanese law. Includes full-text cases (判例体系), and index to cases and periodical articles (法律判例文献情報). Library's subscription does not include 現行法規. 
Access only from Law School campus. Only one connection at a time is permitted. Please log off when you are finished. 

Emerging Europe Monitor
Librarian assistance required. Current issues + previous 2 years in PDF format. 

Foreign Law Guide
This database provides information on sources of foreign law for most countries. It includes citations to legislation, references to translations when available, and select secondary sources. This database is commonly referred to as Reynolds and Flores.
Indexes more than 160,000 regulations (linking to the official full-text source) from 20 jurisdictions (English translation available - e.g., China & Japan), plus 500 manually indexed case studies. 

HeinOnline English Reports

HeinOnline Foreign & International Law Resources Database
Hein's Foreign and International Law Resources Database provides access to numerous international yearbooks and periodicals, U.S. law digests on international law, and some international tribunals and judicial decisions. 

ICLR Online
Database of the most authoritative series of English case law reports. 

Journal des tribunaux
Librarian assistance required. 

Juta Law (Jutastat)
Library subscribes to: Constitutional Library, Digest of South African law, Namibian Law Reports, South African Law Reports 1947 to date, Statutes of Zimbabwe (July 2002), Statutes and Regulations of South Africa (1947-date), Statutes of Namibia, Tanzania Law Reports (1983-1997), Unreported Judgments, Zambia Law Reports (1963-1997), Zimbabwe Law Reports. 
Librarian assistance required. 

A fee-based database containing LawAfrica law reports (LLR). The website gathers cases from High Court of Kenya, the Kenyan Court of Appeal, the Industrial Court of Kenya, the Supreme Court of Uganda, the High Court of Uganda, the COMESA Court of Justice for East Africa from Lusaka which adjudicates on matters of a commercial court involving parties domiciled in countries that are members of the COMESA trading block, and the Court of Appeal from Tanzania (1975- ). LLR subscribers also receive access to "Company searches", a database of information relating to Kenyan private and public companies. Site also provides free access to selected articles on recent African judicial decisions and the East African legal directory. 
Librarian assistance required 

Laws of Africa
Product of LexisNexis of South Africa. The Library's subscription includes: Gambia: Laws of The Gambia. Ghana: Laws of Ghana. Mauritius: Revised Laws of Mauritius, The Mauritius Reports. Nigeria: The Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, All Nigeria Law Reports. Botswana: Laws of Botswana, Tax Service. Namibia: Tax Service. Swaziland: Statutes of Swaziland. Uganda: Laws of Uganda. Zimbabwe: Laws of Zimbabwe. De Rebus - SA Attorney's Journal. You may be asked to sign on with your name and email address. These are used to allow the saving of your searches. 

Lloyd's Law Reports
Collection of maritime and commercial case decisions. 
Librarian assistance required.   Temporarily unavailable.

Making of Modern Law : Foreign, Comparative, and International Law, 1600-1926

Making of Modern Law : Foreign Primary Sources, 1600-1970

Includes information, news, annual reports and legal materials for a variety of subjects (including Arbitration, Company law, Human Rights, Environmental law and Intellectual Property). It also includes case laws of the Supreme Court and High Courts of India across all subjects, orders of tribunals and commissions, Central Bare Acts (including various States Acts) and rules, regulations, schemes and orders. 

NatLaw World
From the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade.   This database no longer exists. 

A comprehensive Israeli legal database. Includes official text of court decisions, legislation, case summaries and histories, books, legal periodicals and some international treaties.
Online database of statutes and legal information presented by Chinalawinfo Co. and the Peking University Center for Legal Information. The database includes 500,000 statutes, including 400 laws, 2,000 regulations, and 200 judicial explanations for free, nearly 2,000 full-text English versions of Chinese statutes (fee-based), newly released laws and regulations; includes research articles of legal studies, searchable by subjects, book reviews, links to online Chinese legal journals, a directory of Chinese law scholars, and information about law making and law enforcement. Link to English information leads to separate Web site. 

This is an excellent Canadian legal database. Currently, it contains more information than the Canadian databases available through the American Lexis/Nexis system. It also includes some databases for other countries, including countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Quicklaw is available through Lexis Advance using the Product Switcher button on the top navigation bar. 
Access is available only to Columbia Law School affiliates. 

SCC Online Web edition
Librarian assistance required. 

Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law

Thomson Reuters TR Full : Código civil y comercial, Laboral y seg. social, Comercial y consumo, Penal y criminologia, Resp. civil y seguros, Familia y persona, Administrativo
A union of the databases La Ley and Abeledo Perrot. 
Librarian assistance required. 

TKC rō raiburarī = TKC Law Library
TKC ローライブラリーis a database of Japanese law. Includes full-text cases (LEX/DB), legislation (Super法令Web), full texts of articles (最高裁判例解説, ジュリスト, 判例百選, NBL, 金融法務事情 等), and index to legal periodicals. 
Access is available only from the Columbia Law School. Only one connection at a time is permitted. Please log off when you are finished. 

Westlaw Canada
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Westlaw China
Westlaw China's Chinese online legal database contains laws, regulations, cases and selected model contracts and legal journals. Westlaw China also includes articles, legal topics and case headnotes. 
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Westlaw Japan
ウエストロー・ジャパンincludes full-text cases, legislation, index to legal periodicals, and full texts of journal articles (京都大学法学論叢, 法の支配, 時の法令 等). 
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Wolters Kluwer China Law and Reference
This database (威科先行 · 法律信息库) provides Chinese laws, regulations, cases, commentaries, articles, legal forms, and news in Chinese and English translation. It includes all sections of China Laws for Foreign Business (中国对外经济贸易法规汇编): Business Regulations, Taxation & Customs, Special Zones & Cities.
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World Constitutions Illustrated
This HeinOnline resource includes the constitutions of almost all countries in the country's official language. It also includes some translations into English and some historical constitutions. It includes helpful links to other relevant documents included in HeinOnline, including commentaries, scholarly articles, bibliographies and external links. 

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